Canoeing on the Berg River

The Berg River is a great area for rowing in a canoe or kayak. From The River House, it is only a short row to Port Owen and it is even possible to row up to Velddrif, where one can enjoy lunch or drinks at one of the popular river-side restaurants and pubs. Canoeing is best done in the early morning, before the sun gets too hot and the fishing traffic on the water starts picking up, not that the traffic ever gets too much.

Berg River in front of The River House
Kayaking on the Berg River

Wild Flower Viewing

During the Western-Cape's lively spring months, the veld around Velddrif and the surrounding areas sprouts hundreds of different wild flower species. Most often these flowers form multicoloured carpets that cover entire fields as far as the eye can see. This kind of outing is highly dependant on weather and seasonal conditions, and it is always best to explore a wide region, so as to see a wider variety of flowers.

Western Cape all the way to the Northern Cape
A Field of multicoloured Wild Flowers in the Western Cape

Berg River Fishing

The rich fishing waters of the Berg River and the West Coast is what caused early settlers to found Velddrif. The fishing community soon turned fishing into a thriving industry, with many fishing trawlers coming in from the sea to dock in the Berg River at Laaiplek. Because Port Owen is near the mouth of the Berg River, Velddrif locals often launch their fishing boats here to go out to sea.

Fishing from one of the jetties right in front of The River House is usually extremely rewarding, because of the abundance of shad (also called elf) in the Berg River mouth.

Berg River in front of The River House
Fishing off the Jetty near The River House

Kite Surfing

The South Westerly is ideal for kite-surfing and sailing. Young adventure seeking kite surfers are often seen making their way up the Berg River.

Berg River Kite Surfing

Bird Watching

You will find migratory birds in summer like Whimbrel, Curlew and Sandpiper who migrate from their breeding places in Greenland and Siberia to escape the icy northern winters.

Resident Birds: Watch weed eating birds like ducks, geese and Red-knobbed Coots, Fisheagles, Herons, Cormorants and may be a Kingfisher catch fish!

You will find this bird watchers house in Velddrif next to the road to Piketberg. Free parking and entrance...

Entrance to Bird Watchers house.

A&M Fishing Charters

A&M Fishing Charters, a member of Velddrif Tourism will add great value to your West Coast Fishing experience and is a much needed activity for guests at Riverhouse! Without hassles of towing your boat all the way to Velddrif or even owning a boat, you can now still have the best of both worlds.

Andry Barnard, Skipper of a fully equipped boat, will take you for fishing inland on the Berg River, Deep Sea Fishing or even Whale Watching. All you need is your fishing and bait licence which is available at our local Post Office.

For more detailed info on costs and availability, contact Andry or Marie direct on
071 550 8491 / 076 197 2869 or E-mail

A&M Fishing Charters
A&M Fishing Charters

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